Rainwater Harvesting Associates / Partners

Thanks to the Indian governments focus on water conservation and rainwater harvesting, there is a renewed interest in implementing rainwater harvesting projects by both individuals and companies. The government too is initiating many RWH projects all over the country to meet the water shortage crisis.

This presents an exciting business opportunity for people looking at generating a substantial income as well as doing something for society.

D&D Ecotech Services established in 2010, is recognised as one of the #Top5 RWH companies in India. It has worked with clients like Bisleri, Asian Paints, Ceat Tyres, Coca-Cola, Aditya Cements and many more helping them become self sufficient in water.

We invite you to be a part of our success story, by setting up your own rainwater harvesting business in your city, with our support and guidance. You will work on RWH projects within your city, generated by you and also on projects that we share with you through our corporate & government tie-ups.

And don’t worry about being able to manage the projects as we will not only train you, but also guide & assist you on the initial projects till you are confident of handling them on your own. Our RWH experts will also join you for your client meetings and project surveys, so that you understand properly how RWH is done and what are the different solutions possible.

Contact us to be a part of this interesting opportunity and know how you can profit from it.