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Devashree Foods Case Study

Devashree Foods Case Study

Dlecta by Devashree Foods have one of their plants in Khopoli near Panvel, where milk products like cheese, butter, etc. are processed

The factory is located in the outskirts of Khopoli in the hilly regions and there is natural downward slope of the hills behind the factory.

During the monsoon, the water streams flows down from the hills behind their plant and used to form a pond.

They had 2 borewells that used to dry during every summer season and the company had to rely on tanker water to run the boiler to continue the production of their products.


• The company wanted their borewell to continue supply in summer so that they don’t have pay hefty charges and rely on tankers

• To stop the accumulation of water from the hills behind the plant

Solution : Rainwater Harvesting

Devashree Foods Factory Case Study
Devashree Foods Factory Case Study

RWH solution for Devashree Foods

D&D recommended them for 2 Jalrakshak systems near their existing borewell.

We channeled the hill water into Jalrakshak and also connected the overflow of the Jalrakshak to their existing borewell.

So, the rainwater harvested was used to recharge their underground water which replenished their borewell. In fact, the borewell also got recharged with the overflow from the Jalrakshak.

Conclusion : With the help of RWH, today Devashree Foods is self reliant for water even in the summers and that has removed their tanker cost. Also, the accumulation of water near their plant has vanished forever.

Bisleri Case Study

Bisleri Case Study

Unable to meet Government Compliance due to lack of proper knowledge

Inundating floods forcing employees to reach motor boats to reach office during monsoons

Rainwater Harvesting Potential Data For Bisleri Andheri Office


Harvesting Rainwater & diverting it to a specially designed filtration cum recharge system (Jalrakshak). Use existing trench by cleaning and plastered for smooth and clean transportation of the rainwater to Jalrakshak. 10 systems constructed basis water potential calculated by RWH coefficient. Each recharge system to have a separate de-silting chamber to filter debris. 100 ft bore dug to help in water percolation for each system.


Able to recharge 2,00,000 litres of water daily through the 10 recharge systems.

2cr litres of water harvested each monsoon by one time investment of mere INR 20 Lakhs

Less than INR 20,000/- of annual maintenance cost.

Flooding issue resolved

Government compliance met

Dnd ecotech ground water project at Bisleri
Dnd ecotech ground water project at Bisleri