About Us

D&D Ecotech is a professional rainwater harvesting company which uses time-tested methods for planning and implementing RWH systems for storage as well as recharging.

The team comprises experts from various disciplines like Geology, Hydrogeology, Civil engineering, CAD Draftsman etc., and can manage all types of rainwater harvesting projects from consultancy to planning, design and implementation.

Due to its efforts in promoting rainwater harvesting and projects implemented by it, D&D Ecotech Services has been recognised as one of the Top 5 RWH agencies in India.

D&D Ecotech services is also active in the field of CSR and have helped many companies achieve their CSR targets, by implementing RWH projects on a large scale for them.

D&D Ecotech is presently managing projects right from  Goa to Bokaro in Jharkhand.